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Argument on One of the listed topics on the book Never Let Me Go by Kazuo Ishiguro

Write an essay of at least 750 words presenting an analytical argument addressing one of these topics:?Theme: What ideas does Never Let Me Go convey about what it means to be human? Be sure to offer specific points and support them with textual evidence.?Character: How is the reader of Never Let Me Go supposed to feel about Ruth as a character, how does Ishiguro get the reader to feel that way, and what function does her character serve in terms of the larger meaning of the novel? Be sure to offer specific claims and support them with textual evidence.?Narration: How does the way the story is told affect the overall meaning of Never Let Me Go? Consider the choices Ishiguro makes in terms of perspective, order, structure, etc., and provide textual evidence as support.Purpose and audienceYour purpose is to present an analytical argument about the selected topic that provides supporting textual evidence from a primary source (the novel), and your audience is the academic community. Because academic writing should be as objective and impersonal as possible, avoid personal statements (I, me, my, etc.) and uses of the second person (you). Follow MLA style for documentation, providing proper in-text citations of any uses of source material–no Works Cited page is needed.FormatThe final essay must be at least 750 words in length (not counting headers) and must be submitted as a Microsoft Word document. All essays must follow the conventions of formal academic writing in MLA style: double spacing, a standard font, 12 pt font size, and standard margins.