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Catholic University MSW program, why low GPA

The profession of social work as a career goal.
Why does the profession of social work appeal to you?
What aspects of social work are of greatest interest to you?
Discuss proposed career goals. Why did you choose to apply to NCSSS?
Life and relationships. Discuss how your background (e.g., family, cultural, religious, economic, ethnic, racial) has affected your desire and ability to work in social work.
Work experience. Describe current and/or past work experience, including volunteer work, as it relates to the profession of social work.
How have these experiences helped prepare you for social work practice?
Experience in the helping role. Social work is concerned with helping individuals, families, groups, organizations, and communities. Using an example from your professional, volunteer or personal life, discuss and analyze a situation in which you have observed the helping role, including how it changed a problem situation.
Experience as a student.
Evaluate yourself as a student.
What differences in performance between your previous educational experiences and your forthcoming graduate experience might you anticipate?
Discuss any special circumstances affecting your undergraduate performance.

Describe your ability and commitment to undertake graduate education currently. What family, work or other responsibilities do you anticipate during your studies at NCSSS? Evaluate your ability to fulfill these obligations, including the ability to spend 16 hours per week in the foundation year and 20 hours per week in the advanced year in field placements