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Chromosome Abnormalities

Search the web for an informative site about one of the chromosome abnormality disorders OR the effects of one teratogen (Chapter 2 Teratogens for examples). Write in detail about ONLY ONE specific teratogen or chromosome abnormality. It would also be interesting if you can find info about a chromosome abnormality or teratogen that is not mentioned in the text. (If you use wikipedia as one of your sources, you must corroborate the information with at least one additional source.Wikipedia by itself is not an acceptable site)2. Summarize IN YOUR OWN WORDS what you learned about your chosen topic and cite your research sources (web address, journal article, book, etc.) at the bottom of your response. For full credit, your summary should be at least 200 words in readable, essay-quality English (no texting or tweeting here, please!).