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Chronic Disease Population Health Needs Assessment

Your health system is transitioning to a value-based care model and considering ACOs, bundled payments, and population health management initiatives. The system after thorough due diligence decided to create a new PHM program for treating chronic disease. The new program is to focus on treating chronic disease, prevention, and management. This population health program requires continuity of care and management of care transitions that maintain an ongoing connection with patients as they live their lives. To do this in a way that is financially and operationally feasible, models of care must be fundamentally assessed for patient and community needs. For this scenario, you are hired by the system to provide strategic consulting services to the system’s chief population officer (CPO) by ensuring the system population health management strategy is less depending on high-resource, low-frequency interaction but shifting toward frequent, low-intensity interactions. The CPO tasked you to provide an executive summary that includes: *Discuss the risk factors and circumstances that lead to the development of chronic diseases *Conduct a need assessment analysis (compare and contrast, ROI, GAP Analysis, etc.) the impact of incentives of the financial models for prevention and chronic disease management *Consider what metrics are needed to assess and measure progress in incorporating patient and other stakeholders perspectives into the need assessment study. ***Cite 5 current high-quality references sources, three (3) of them are from current peer-reviewed articles.? *Use the APA writing style to format your report Focus on integrating the highest level of critical thinking, problem-solving, synthesis an avoid stating and describing in presenting your case. *Below are excellent sources to review to know more about using integrating critical thinking and synthesis: