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Computer systems ( Technology in context: military) digital devices

The Term Project assignment offers the opportunity to explore/research a specific topic in computer systems in-depth and present your findings in the form of a written report. Your term project must be 5-10 pages not including a cover page and reference section. This assignment must follow APA style, and will be submitted in two installment Drafts due no later than Sunday 11:59 PM EST/EDT of the specified module. Module 5 for draft 1 and module 7 for final installment. In this module you will select a topic for your Term Project. You can select from one of the five topics on Computer Systems identified in the guidelines below or select a section from within your book (you may also seek approval from your Professor on a topic). The topic selected should include a comprehensive assessment of the basics of Computers, the role in which they play and the needs of an organization and/or person as it relates to your selected topic. *For all topics, you are required to reflect how Saint Leo’s core value of Integrity relates.