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conditioning and abuse case study

Write a paper of at least one page (double spaced with normal margins and font size, not including headers and footers) discussing the case and the following questions: 1. Read the case study that posted at the end: 2. Write an analysis of the psychological factors that are involved in learning and memory that are at work in the case. In particular, consider: How have Kendra and Austin been conditioned (please answer specific type of conditioning and definitions from textbook reading)? What/who is the source of the conditioning? What is the source of Austins smell aversion? Please use specific vocabulary words and explanations referencing the textbook. How do Kendras memories differ from Austins? Why? 3. Submit your work to your instructor. CASE STUDY Kendra has recently left an abusive relationship. She and her son live with her mother. Her ex-husband drank heavily and would unexpectedly appear at unusual hours at her home. She claims that he was physically abusive twice in their six-year marriage, but there are reports that she was hospitalized with injuries consistent with abuse on at least eight occasions. She reports feeling terror when she hears the motor of a specific type of motorcycle the kind her ex-husband rode. Kendras fifteen-year-old son, Austin, reports that Kendra was abused daily by her husband. He claims to have found her unconscious on the floor of the kitchen, and that she had been cooking a meal. He reports strong taste and smell aversion to meatloaf, the dinner that had been in the oven at that time. He also demonstrates aggression when people around him drink or take drugs. At a party, he physically assaulted a boy who had been drinking heavily and who was putting moves on one of Austins friends. Analyze the different psychological factors related to learning and memory at work in this case.