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Current News Article Analysis

Please reference any of the links listed below for a news article, that has been published of this month September 2019. My major is healthcare adminstration, masters. The paper needs to be an analysis of the article/summary. Please email with any questions. you will submit one current news article summary and analysis. For the purpose of this assignment, the term current is defined as the month in which the assignment is due. In other words, the article must have been published in September 2019. The news article may only be taken from one of the following sources: o Health Leaders Media ( o Rand Organization ( o Modern Healthcare ( o National Public Radio ( o The Wall Street Journal ( o Reuters ( o The New York Times ( o The New Yorker ( References (must be included on a separate page and must follow APA formatting guidelines ( o 1-inch margins all around o 12-point font (Arial or equivalent) o Double-spaced Minimum 2 high quality and scholarly external sources. Textbooks or other course material may be used and included in the reference section but will not count toward the minimum requirement. o The term scholarly is limited to government websites, non-partisan/academic research/publications, consultant reports, and/or peer reviewed journal articles. The use of any category of sources not listed here will not count toward the minimum requirement. o Sources for academic research include the university library that contains access to numerous databases, Google Scholar (, U.S. National Library of Medicine (, article databases accessible through the university library, non- partisan think tanks (e.g. Rand Corporation, The Commonwealth Fund, etc.), journals, and newspapers. o Note: The source article must be included in the reference section but will not count toward the minimum requirement. A similarity index of no more than 10%. All external content must be cited per APA guidelines.