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Describe the negotiable instrument in the case. How did Triffin come to acquire the instrument?

Unit 3 AS: Holder in Due Course AS Description: In your text, you read a case involving an individual named Robert Triffin who filed suit for the payment of a negotiable instrument. What you don’t know about Mr. Triffin is that he has been a Plaintiff in several such cases. And, as the old saying goes: You win some, you lose some. For this assignment, you will locate another case involving Mr. Triffin using a legal research database available through the Kean library. Please do the following: Go to the Kean library website Go to the Databases section of the library website Locate the Database called “LexisNexis — Nexis Uni (formerly LexisNexis Academic)” which is the academic version of a legal research database used in many law firms. Conduct a guided search. Limit your interest to “cases” and then select your jurisdiction (state or federal) and finally enter the search term “Robert Triffin” Select a case that interests you involving Mr. Triffin and the subject matter of a negotiable instrument, and read the case. Do not select the case between Mr. Triffin and Cigna, since that is covered in your text. Once you’ve found a case of interest, answer the following questions: 1. What is the name and case citation for the case you selected? 2. What is the case about? Describe the negotiable instrument in the case. How did Triffin come to acquire the instrument? Why did Mr. Triffin acquire the instrument? 3. Is there anything wrong with the instrument? Does it satisfy the requirements of negotiability? How do you know? 4. Did Mr. Triffin achieve holder-in-due-course status? If so, how did he achieve holder-in-due-course status? If not, why didn’t he achieve holder-in-due-course status? Be specific, and use the terminology that you are learning in the text and course materials. 5. What was the outcome of the case you selected? Describe the outcome fully. 6. Was this a just outcome in your opinion? Explain the basis of your opinion fully, using information you learned in this Unit about the UCC Article Three and Holder in Due Course status. 7. To complete this assignment, download the case that you selected from the Kean library, and upload it with your written assignment. AS Instructions: Write your answers to the above questions in a double-spaced Word file, and upload to Blackboard. Each answer should be around 100-150 words (not counting the questions) and your submission should be 750 words total. Be sure to cite to the provisions of the UCC Article 3 that you are applying to answer these questions, quoting from the language of the UCC where appropriate. Information on locating sources of the UCC on the internet can be found in Appendix B to your textbook. Cite any sources that you use in APA style. Remember to upload a copy of the case that you selected in addition to your assignment in Blackboard.