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Describe your proposed sampling strategy, including the population from which the sample would come and how many participants you would include

I need my paper revised based on my professor feedback that states: additional depth needed, describe how mixed methods might be applied in correct section,missing cultural/ethical considerations and lacks detail, the assignment is to design a quantitative study, and lastly specify which assessment tools you would use and remove duijkers article from that section. Quantitative Mini-Proposal Assignment Description As a counselor or therapist, you will regularly use the professional literature to inform your work. Many of the important questions that you will have as your career evolves will be answered by researchers conducting quantitative studies. The quantitative designs help generate the knowledge base that becomes the evidence behind our best practices. For this assignment, you will create a mini research proposal. As you review the media piece, think through a possible quantitative study. Your work on this assignment will demonstrate that you understand the importance of the alignment of the elements of a study and how they work together. Assignment Instructions In preparation for this assignment, you viewed the Blooming Park: Quantitative and Qualitative Research Questions media piece, which provided an example for first steps in creating a research proposal. Think about a problem in counseling practice that could be researched using a quantitative approach. Create a mini research proposal that addresses the problem that you identified. Your proposal must include these elements: Mini-literature review. Include a review of three recent empirical sources (required) and one non-empirical source (optional). Research question. This specific question should be written in a way that it could be answered through quantitative data; this is the question that will be answered by the proposed study. Research design. Identify the research design for the proposed study. Choose from correlational, experimental, quasi-experimental, time-series, and survey. Sampling plan. Describe your proposed sampling strategy, including the population from which the sample would come and how many participants you would include. Data collection plan. Identify data that you would collect in your study and describe any instruments that you would use. Explain how you would collect the quantitative data that would answer your research question. Data analysis plan. Explain how you would analyze the data that you collected. Ethical and cultural concerns. Identify ethical and cultural concerns that may be present in the proposed study. Alternative considerations. Describe how the problem that you investigated might be addressed by using a mixed methods approach. Explain whether you believe that would be a stronger approach or not, in this particular situation. Submission Requirements Written communication: Written communication is free of errors that detract from the overall message. Length: 46 pages, not counting cover page and reference page Number of references: Minimum of three peer-reviewed empirical journal articles that are no more than seven years old. APA Style: Include a reference page in the current APA style at the end of your paper. Font and font size: Times New Roman, 12 point.