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Develop a report about specific public company’s valuation.

OVERVIEW OF THE REPORT – Produce a financial statement analysis and valuation report that summarizes the financial health, projected future performance, and estimated value of JetBlue.. As an independent financial accounting analyst working for a major trade journal, your report is intended to inform a general audience about the overall financial well-being of the company and how it compares to a major competitor. Your report should cover information of interest to both internal and external stakeholders—summarizing major findings, suggesting ways to improve operational performance, and assessing investment potential. Keep in mind that brief, clear communications are essential in effectively reaching business and media audiences.FOR THIS SECTION OF THE REPORT – Develop a report about specific public company’s valuation. Provide your audience with relevant context on the selected company, including the purpose of the valuation. Your goal is to set the stage for the analysis to follow.Specifically, the following critical elements must be addressed:I. Company Background A. Purpose for valuation B. Date of valuation C. Percent ownership being valued D. Company history and business structure E. Description of facilities, major assets or equipment key to running the business F. Overview of management structure