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Ethical Practices for Healthcare Providers

A healthcare provider learns that one of their neighbors has been admitted to the unit where they work. A relative of the healthcare provider calls to inform the provider that hes heard a rumor that the neighbor has a communicable disease. Because the healthcare provider works on the unit and has access to medical records, the relative asks the provider to find out if the rumor is true. What should the healthcare provider should do in this situation? How do the concepts of critical thinking, work ethic, and compliance relate to the above scenario? Reflect on the scenario and assigned questions and record your answer in a 1-3 page paper. All answers must be supported with a minimum of 3 reliable sources. Requirements: Your submission must be correctly formatted in APA including a title page and a reference page. The title and reference pages do not count toward the 1-3 page requirement. Must include an introduction with a clear thesis statement and a conclusion that summarizes the main points of your argument. A minimum of 3 reliable sources should be utilized with in-text citations for each. Direct quotes should be limited to less than 20% of the total paper. Please review the rubric before beginning this assignment.