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Evicted: Poverty and Profit in American City by Matthew Desmond . critical reading and thinking skills . respond to prompt pertaining to evicted

“many of the people featured in Evicted are facing homelessness or are one step away from it. Homelessness creates a whole new set of problems for America to solve. Read back over some of the situations in Evicted where people confront homelessness. Then, read “homelessness is everyone’s problem” (Simon Fraser University, Office fo the Vice President, Research 02 July 2009) and consider the following statement by Ben Carson, secretary of the Department of Housing and Urban Development, on homelessness: “This is not a federal problem- it’s everybody’s problem.” How are the problems of homelessness and eviction interwined? Why are solutions for one issue important to the other? Is carson correct? Compose a thesis-driven essay in which you critically examin these two tissues and then argue what Carson means and why, citing evidence form your sources.