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Examining supported employment for adults suffering from mental illness in England: a review on how adapting the Individual placement support (IPS) model can improve the unemployment rate for mental health service users within Oxfordshire.

This is a resubmission of a dissertation assignment.I have attached a copy of the submitted document which includes: the feedback (both in text and off) and it includes the grading criteria.This is a systematic literature review peice of research and so i will require someone who is experienced in research and understands terminology such as: PRISMA, CASP TOOLS etc.Some of the already included studies will need to be removed as they are not appropriate to use in a systematic literature review.If possible, could the newly amded work be differentiated so that i will be able to tell the adjusrtments made relating to the various comments.As this is a mental health nursing related topic, could i kindly as that all new information that is added should relate to the mental health nurses role in supporting their patients, critically analysing the impact of mental health nurses in implimenting such a strategy.