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Failure of Training and Development

Research survey question answers, bar graphs are hypothetically taken prepared to prove your research. Executive summary 1.0 Introduction & Research problem Describe the research problem you are seeking to resolve Provide some statistics. Explain why is it important to investigate the problem The discussion of a research problem may extend over several slides 2.0 Literature review & Research questions Identify potential causes (independent factors/constructs) of the problem and inform what others have found in relation to each potential cause and research problem (i.e. the relation between the dependent variable and the independent variables)Discuss the variables for each of the constructs your study involves Mention the theory(ies) relevant to your research problem Add in-text references for all sources of information 3.0 Research design 4.0 Research findings 5.0 Discussion 6.0 Recommendations 7. 0 Conclusion and Limitations Structure, overall presentation and referencing