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fight the flu campaign

Internal communication Beginning of the week internal circulation Goal Date: Frequency: Scientific debate: The approach may focus on evidence and scientific basis for engagement, rather than personal approach in targeting the physicians who are against. We can do it in small scale to assess its impact, and if successful than it could be used as one of the strategies for the next year. Goal: Date: Frequency: Rollups: Goal: Date: Frequency: Data Driving change We will work closely with your team to drive regular data to all health centers as a first step to highlight figures on how many staff and patients are getting vaccinated. This will aim to encourage a healthy competition and set a reminder for staff. Phase 2 of driving change through data: Once we gain figures of HCs that are not performing as well, we will develop best practice guides form HCs that are doing better and this will allows us to focus on underperforming health center and support them to increase numbers. Using regular staff tracker. Emails sent to non-vaccinated staff at various stages of the campaign Goal: Date: Frequency: External communication Media: We will publish PHCC focused article in the press as well as themed joint articles with key stakeholders. Radio and TV interview slots will be pitched for PHCC leadership Goal: Date: Frequency: Educational marketing: Messages from leadership emphasizing need to have flu shot & Myths and facts. We will drive consistent marketing through print and digital with messaging to raise awareness, remove stigma and encourage vaccination through various platforms including digital Goal: Date: Frequency: Badges: To increase awareness and encourage engagement badges will be awarded to those that have been vaccinated. Goal: Date: Frequency: Social media designs: Goal: Date: Frequency: Example image: