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George Washington’s Farewell Address

Who was George Washington and what did we warn future generations about? Did we heed or ignore his advice? Why do we think this is so?You do not need to provide footnotes in your essay.
The teacher note: ” The only thing that you need to do is to cite your sources at the end of your paper if you copied verbatim from a source or sources that you used (if you paraphrased what you read and put the entire essay into your own words, then you dont need a Sources Cited page). Generally, a 20% or above evaluation of your essay on the authenticity report from indicates a problem; below that and you are fine). I would follow either Kate Turabian or MLAs format on doing a Sources Cited page. You can look up either styles on the Internet.

Remember, I am more interested in your take and position on the topic than the style of your paper. How well you support your arguments and position is essentially the key to this assignment.” would like for you to focus on GWs warnings in his Farewell Address of 1796 about involvement in foreign affairs and our tendency to entertain political partisanship in this country. Pick either one of the admonishments made by GW and tell me why you think he included them in his Farewell Address. After you have sorted that out, you will tell me whether or not you think that we have heeded his warnings or ignored them altogether. To answer this question adequately, you will need to include plenty of facts and examples from your readings, viewings, our discussion or your text to support your arguments one way or the other. Also, when you are talking about whether we have heeded or ignored his warnings, you will need to cite several examples. This may require you to do some additional research online.