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How does your place of employment use this model? What may be some modifications you “see” that can be done to integrate this model.

General Directions: Focused Journal #1: ( This Focused Journal is from the content in the assigned on-line CEU Module)Online Module: Introduction to Integrative Nursing Access:Available: are three “submodules “in this online offering. Please review each submodule and provide a focused journal entry (1) for the following highlighted topics below. (Please provide one journal entry for all topics using the prompts below and the Johns Model from the syllabus.)a. Sub-Module #1: Introduction to Integrative NursingThe Triple Aim Model is set to provide a venue to meet the following goals: increased patient satisfaction with experiences; improve patient outcomes; and a reduction in health care costs. Using the Triple Aim Model brought forth in this introduction, write a brief journal entry regarding a comparison of your present facility or a clinical site in which you may have practiced. How does your place of employment use this model? What may be some modifications you “see” that can be done to integrate this model.b. Sub-Module #2: The Six Principles of Integrative NursingFour foundational premises are brought forward in integrative nursing: Mindfulness, intention, Presence, and Intuition. Journal about a time when you a. felt truly present in a patient based situation; and b. you used the process of intuition in your nursing judgement and practice. (The cues on Slide #3, may assist in providing some writing cues.)Principles of integrative practice are also shared through case studies and personal nursing narratives. Review each of these principles. (Of particular note is the section on Evidence Based Informed Use for Pain Management. This may prove helpful in the development of your individual nursing plan of care assignment later in this course.) Applications for these principles are explored through further focused journaling. Provide a focused journal entry regarding the healing role of nature by selecting an online picture of nature with which you feel connected. Journal briefly as to the connections you feel with this picture. How might you apply this simple principle to your patients? Authentic presence is difficult to achieve in contemporary nursing practice due to the overwhelming amount of stress and workload for example. Reflect back to a recent conversation with a patient or family member. Journal regarding your sense of “distantness”, “distractedness” or “real presence”. Was this easy to achieve?c. Sub-Module 3: ApplicationsReview this submodule. For focused journaling, use Slide 12/13: Applying Integrative Nursing to your Job. Jot down your thoughts and print it out. Include as a part of this focused Journal #1.Johns Model (2000):Write a description of the experience. Check in with bodily sensations. Ease? Dis-ease? Why do I feel this way in this situation or after experiencing this modality?What factors were influencing me? Past experiences in nursing? Personal beliefs?What knowledge did I gain from this experience or modality of integrative practice?How might I use this experience or modality in my nursing practice or personal development? What are barriers either in my values or within my nursing practice to incorporate this integrative modality? Do I feel differently before and after this experience? Why or why not? What information might I need to continue to gain?Supportive documentation is noted as described in the activity.Evaluation: These journal entries will be evaluated based upon the following rubric:Criteria for EvaluationOutstanding(4)Exemplary(3)Satisfactory(2)Unsatisfactory (1)Critical ThinkingStrong, Insightful writing and synthesis/evaluation of the situation or integrative modality. Provides a rich, in-depth description, using all steps of the Johns Model. Meaning is clear.Substantial information of synthesis or evaluation of the experience. Description provided lacks some depth, with one part of the focused writing using the Johns Model missing.Some information provided, with attempts at evaluation and synthesis of the experience. Two parts of the focused writing using the Johns Model missing.Superficial information given, with limited synthesis and evaluation present. Greater than 2 parts of the Johns Model missing.Personal ReflectionStrong, insightful personal reflective writing noted in journal entry. Shows in-depth analysis of personal transformations.Provides good evidence of personal reflective writing in journal entry. Some connections to personal transformations noted.Minimal evidence of personal reflective wring in journal entry. Attempts at personal connections but lacks development and analysis.No personal reflective writing noted. No connections to personal transformations noted.Supportive DocumentationProvides ALL required supportive documentation as noted in the activity. Correct APA format used.Provides ALL required supportive documentation. Two or less errors in APA noted.Missing one source of documentation. APA shows >2 errors.No documentation sources provided.