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How interdependent are you?

World Trade—A Global Interdependence -National Geographic Illicit: The Dark TradeOverview: Resources are unevenly distributed across the surface of the Earth, and no one country has all the resources it needs.Therefore, each country must trade with others, resulting in a world of global economic interdependence—an exchange between “producers” (those who produce or manufacture goods) and “consumers” (those who purchase or use the goods).Activity #1: How Interdependent Are You?1. Do you feel connected to the rest of the globe on a regular basis? Why/Why not?2. Look at items you own and list the item and the place it was made.Reflecting on this activity and class readings, briefly explain how you are globally connected every day.3. Explain the terms import and export.4. To put things in prospective, locate these countries on a map –how far away? Dollar amount of items imported and exported? Are there any interesting patterns on the map? Who is exporting and who is importing goods? What countries are exporting what goods? Why do you think different countries specialize in the production of specific items? Do countries import items on a need-basis only? Why do countries import items they do not “need”?