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How might these facts affect your performance in groups?

Lets explore the heterogeneity of our class by examining one aspect of diversity in small groupspersonality differences. Working in a heterogeneous group can be challenging, but it can enable a group to be more productive and creative. Also, a group with diverse members is less likely to succumb to groupthink. To understand the differences and similarities among your group members for the panel discussion, take the online 72-question Myers-Briggs and Jung personality test to an external site.) and create an entry which answers the following questions. What is your personality type with percentages (e.g. I [44%] S [25%] F [38%] J [78])? (2 pts.) Under your personality type is a box that with a link to “read full description” of your personality type. Click on the link read about your personality type. If you can’t get back to that screen, then click on the link to the test in this assignment and look for an image with the 16 personality types. Click on your personality type and read the description. Mention 2 relevant facts in the type description about your personality and one fact that was not relevant. (6 pts.) How might these facts affect your performance in groups? (2 pts.) After you submit your entry, find the entries/posts of 2 of your classmates who are in your group for the problem-solving discussion and provide a comment on your similarities and differences. (2 pts.)