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Imagine you are the mother: while Kate is dying, you discover that Anna refuses to give Kate the last possible life-saving treatment.

My Sister’s Keeper Essay Assignment

Instructions: After reading the novel, My Sisters Keeper, you are required to write a 3 to 5-page essay that follows the format dictated and addresses each of the questions listed below. Please make sure that you are applying APA format (see attached template) and that your essay pulls illustrative points from the novel itself to support your statements.

Part I: Introduction

In the introduction to your essay, begin with point of interest and lead into a brief (no more than one paragraph) summary of the novel.
Given what you’ve just read, which character are you most sympathetic to? Why?
Part II: Discuss Elizabeth Kubler Ross perspective on death and dying (read the article On Death and Dying) and then address the following question: Imagine you are the mother: while Kate is dying, you discover that Anna refuses to give Kate the last possible life-saving treatment. How would you react? How would you try to keep your family together? Now, as a psychology student analyzing the mother, where do you think she is in regard to the stages of grief and dying, where is she and how does Kubler Ross explain what she is going through?

Link: (Links to an external site.)

Part III: Now, lets focus on Lawrence Kohlberg and his Theory of Moral Development. In reflecting on the relationship between the sisters, how does the knowledge that Anna was conceived to save Kate affect Anna’s and Kate’s perceptions of themselves, and their relationship with each other? For instance, you might consider the following:

Will Kate feel guilty knowing that Anna was created to save her life?
What if Anna can’t save Kate? Will Anna face lifelong psychological damage?
Does Anna feel objectified as a “spare parts baby”? Does Kate feel objectified as a sick person?
In Kohlbergs theory, he notes three levels of development, preconventional, conventional and post conventional. In reflecting on the girls, discuss how you apply theory to their life circumstances. Be sure to both state and explain the stage you associate with each girls moral development. See handout attached for details on the theory.

Part IV: While Anna and Kate are about 4 years apart, do you think they are at the same level developmentally? Where would Erik Erickson place them on his Stages of Psychosocial Development? And how would each girl experience this stage differently because of their position in the family and in their immediate relationship? See handout on Ericksons Stages attached.

Part V: Sara and Brian are the parents in this story. They are motivated to keep their daughter Kate alive. Early in the novel we get both of their perspectives on learning about Kates illness and how they handled it. In thinking about the various theories of motivation, which theory would you apply to Sara? And which theory would you apply to Brain and why?

Also in thinking about Sara and Brain, address the following questions:

Do you think the parents went too far in their concern for Kate by making Anna a savior for Kate?
When is it too far to save one child by using the body of another?
By taking umbilical cord blood?
Bone marrow transplants? Kidney donation?
After Anna has spoken up in opposition to any further use of her body?
Now you have addressed each section, take some time and reflect on the story overall and write a conclusion and/or final thought about the various issues addressed in the story and in your paper.

APA Format