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Issues important to American families

In the United States, most citizens/residents get access to hospitals, health clinics, their doctors and dentists through health insurance policies provided to employees by their employers. There are some small employers who cannot afford to provide their employees with health insurance and these employees have to secure health insurance on their own. Additionally, there are some of our citizens/residents who are not employed, for whatever the many reasons and these unemployed citizens do not get access to the employer provided health insurance. So, while many/most Americans who are employed do not have access to health insurance problems/issues there are several million (15-30 million depending on the source) Americans who do not have access to health care. The government, whether republican or democratic, has been unsuccessfully trying to address/fix this problem, (unemployed Americans who do not have access to health care), for many years. As a citizen/resident of America, prepare a 600-word (2 pages) report that identifies what things/issues/concerns are important to American families as it relates to their health insurance and access to health care. For each thing/issue/concern about health insurance and health care that is identified, please provide a recommendation on how the government should provide/fix/distribute these things/issues/concerns American families. In addressing these concerns/issues and how or should the government provide access to health care for its citizen ensure that the following are covered: The cost for providing these things/issues/concerns identified Who should pay for the things/issues/concerns identified?