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Josie King

Focused Case Study: Error/ Near Miss EventThere are several other videos, articles, and even a book (Josie’s Story by Sorrell King (2009) that you may use as further references to assist you in making your decision.**FYI! Although both of the case involve a pediatric patient, you do not need in-depth pediatric knowledge to note the problems that occurred. The storyis very powerful!!**Look at the processes that occurred during the care of the patient(s) that are indicated in the case and in the dialogue with parents. Josie’s mom continues to travel the world speaking to groups of medical providers. Lewis’ mom also continues to share his story.Assignment Develop a two page (content) paper that: o Identifies one problem in the care of this patient o Identify a plan of how the outcome could have been improved. Discuss the presence of any ethical or unethical decision making in the case. What ethical nursing theory could apply in this case (See Butts & Rich Chapter 9) Use references to support your points (minimum of four references)Grading Rubric Identification of a problem 2 points  Discussion of a specific plan to improve the outcome 6 points  Discussion of ethical or unethical decision making 4 points  Discussion of the nursing theory that could apply 4 points  Spelling, grammar, APA throughout the paper 4 points o (no errors = 4 points, 1-2 errors = 3 points, 3-4 errors = 2 points 5-6 errors = 1 point, greater than 6 errors = 0 points)*include a title and reference page.Please note that APA is worth a total of four points. Please make every effort to have zero APA errors to ensure your receiving all four points.**You will not be penalized for writing more than 2 pages.***There are many different issues in this case so not everyone will have the same answer, plan or interpretation of the selected case study.*You may set up the case study as follows:ProblemPlanDecision-MakingNursing TheoryPlease, Please , Please no broken english, please use reliable sources and references. the paper will be checked for plagerism . This is my 1st time doing business with yall. I’m okay with 2 to 3 references.I Prefer someone who writes nursing papers