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Juvenile Offenders and Factors that contribute to Recidivism

You must select a minimum of 10 scholarly articles for your study. Books, reports, and dissertations are NOT allowed for this assignment.
Only quantitative or mixed methods research is allowed. Do NOT include qualitative research in your review of prior research.
At least EIGHT articles you select must be reports of PRIMARY research (i.e., original studies). The other TWO articles may be either meta-analyses, systematic reviews, methodological reviews, or traditional literature reviews. Be careful: Reviews should be focused on quantitative research studies; avoid literature reviews of qualitative research.
The articles you select must be from peer-reviewed journals. Research that has been peer-reviewed for a journal has been through a quality check and is deemed more credible than research that hasnt been peer-reviewed.
The articles you select must have a publication date between 2009 and 2019. Research that has been published within the last 10 years is likely to be more relevant than older research to the current status of your research area. If possible, in fact, aim to find research published within the last 5 years.