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Local human rights organization

This class also wants to expose you to the hands on dimension so crucial for Human Rights. Therefore, this assignment is about identifying an organization in our own neighborhood that works for Human Rights broadly defined (this includes organizations that do not have human rights in their name). Assignment: Search for such an organization let yourself be guided by your interests (e.g. human trafficking, refugee rights, farm worker rights, recognition of trans persons etc.). It can be a branch of a national or international organization or it could be an entity that works only here in South Florida/ has its headquarters here. Visit their website and study what they do. Write a summary about them. This should include: Their name, address and contact; their mandate, history, and areas of work. Do an internet search and see if news outlets have reported on this organization. If so, summarize such reporting (include sources). If at all possible, contact the organization directly and visit their office. Ask them further questions about their work; if you are interested in what they do, inquire about volunteering opportunities (that would not be class related, but for your own personal and professional development). Scope of your writing: about 600 words.