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Management by Bestseller: Start with Why

(5) “Management by Best Seller” Paper Management by Best Seller occurs when managers read a popular book by a management guru and hastily try to implement its ideas and one-size-fits all recommendations without proper regard for the organizations problems and needs. The quick-fix mentality that fosters this problem can be avoided by remaining current with management literature from the field, ensuring that the concepts are applied based on science rather than advocacy, be willing to examine and implement new concepts after study, be skeptical when simple solutions are offered, and constantly anticipate the effects of current actions and event on future results. That being said, Management by Best Seller merits serious discussion in the perspective that it has wide-spread acceptance among practicing managers. Your assignment is to select a Management by Best Seller type of book. After reading it, write a review synopsis of the book. The assignment should be double spaced and approximately two to three pages. A strong submittal (maximum points) will include (1) your impressions of the book, (2) the main theme/lessons of the book clearly discussed, and (3) how the concepts of the book could be considered for implementation in the work place are discussed. You may select your book of interest, however, you may not use a book that you have previously read or used in another MBA course. Please use book Start with Why: How Great Leaders Inspire Everyone to Take Action In addition to book summaries, there are good Ted Talks on it too