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National Incident Management System (NIMS).

HMLS 302 Week Six Discussion One The following is a quote from your reading about NIMS. We must prepare to minimize the damage and recover from any future terrorist attacks that may occur despite our best efforts at prevention. Past experience has shown that preparedness efforts are key to providing an effective response to major terrorist incidents and natural disasters. Therefore, we need a comprehensive national system to bring together and command all necessary response assets quickly and effectively. We must equip, train, and exercise many different response units to mobilize for any emergency without warning. National Strategy for Homeland Security Why do we need NIMS? Is NIMS the one-size fits-all response to incidents big or small? Has it improved how as a Nation we respond to a disaster? Give examples good and/or bad. Discussion Criteria 1. Response must be relevant and specific to the discussion topic, well supported with outside research and assigned reading. 2. Demonstrate reading concept by reflecting critical thinking and analysis that demonstrate understanding of the topic as it applies to America. 3. At least 1-2 citation in APA format. 4. No grammatical, punctuation or spelling errors. 5. Direct quotes are less than 10% of total essay. 6. In Arial 12-point font 7. Text is double spaced.