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Old People Poster

Please follow the criteria and exemplar closely. I need 25-30 references for the written and please also put those references on the poster. please can you also complete the poster on microsoft powerpoint. Extra instructions for poster & written justification POSTER The poster must be one page and may be portrait or landscape and produced in PowerPoint. The poster size should be set to A4. In PowerPoint, go to Design tab > Slide Size > Custom > Slides sized for: A4 Paper (210×297 mm)> OK. In PowerPoint, the poster can be zoomed for easier editing using View tab > Zoom OR the slider in the status bar on the bottom right of the screen. Font must be greater than, or equal to, 10 point font. References for in-text citations must be shown (10 point font is fine for referencing). The poster must contain the author name (your name) and student number. Source for images not taken by the author must be shown. The poster must allow at least a 1 cm margin from each edge of the slide. WRITTEN JUSTIFICATION The Written Justification must be a WORD document (DOCX). Students in 2018 wrote their WJs in WORD and then combined their WJ with their poster in a PowerPoint file. The PPTX file was uploaded as the final submission. PLEASE NOTE: An introduction (context/aim/structure) and conclusion (why does the health risk need to be communicated?, who needs the information and why?, what information is needed and why has it be presented in this way?) is all in the powerpoint attached