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Professional Correspondence

Major Document 1: Professional Correspondence (pt. 1) Major Document (MD) 1 involves two parts that will help you practice the following: Analyzing a rhetorical situation. Addressing the needs of a specific audience. Writing professional correspondence. In part 1, you will complete these steps: Analyze your situation. Plan your correspondence. Write your correspondence. Analyzing your Situation For this part of the assignment, you will assume a role, which I will provide. Once you receive your role, spend a few minutes considering how you might approach the given situation. As you analyze your rhetorical situation, consider the following: Your position relative to the organization. Your readers relationship with you. The type of information that youre communicating (are you asking for something, delivering good news, or relaying bad news?). The outcome (action) that you want to occur. Should your reader follow up with you? Do you want your correspondence to be the last message between you and the reader (at least for this situation)? Are you seeking recompense? Planning your Correspondence Once you know who you are and what youre seeking, plan the correspondence that you will write. While planning, consider the following mechanical aspects of your correspondence: The subject line of your e-mail/letter. The greeting that youll use to address the reader. The format of your letter. The closing that youll use at the conclusion of your letter. The overall tone of your document. The above considerations are just a few to get you thinking about the letter-writing process. Consult your text (Ch. 14) for more ideas, methods, and examples. Writing your Correspondence After youve done all your planning, you will begin writingexpeditiously! Your letter must be written, proofread, and printed by the end of class. Your classmates will be depending on your completing this part of the assignment on time, so strive for a balance of propriety and efficiency. Part 1 of MD 1 is due to be traded to a random partner in your assigned group via Blackboards File Exchange by the end of class on Thursday, September 12th. ROLE FOR ASSIGNMENT* You work in an office with 24 other employees. Every Monday, you bring five frozen lunches to work and put them in the break-room freezer. And every Friday, you find that you dont have a lunch left to eat. Even though you write your name on the boxes, someone is taking your lunch(es). Fed up, you write an e-mail to your manager explaining what is happening and seeking her help in controlling this issue.