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Public water Fluoridation is an ineffective method of preventing cavities.

ObjectivesWrite introductory, supporting, and concluding paragraphsDraft an essayRevise an essayEdit an essayMLA citation formatDeliverablesA research paper that is at least 10 pages in length with at least 10 sourcesStep 1Make decisions about your paperAnswer the following questions:What is your purpose?What is your tentative thesis?For whom are your writing and how knowledgeable are they already about your topic? How can you create interest and common ground?What kind of voice will you use in this paper and why?Step 2Write the section of the paper you feel most comfortable composing.Working from the information you gathered in Step 1, write the body paragraphs you feel most confident about first.Step 3Write the rest of the body.Continue writing the body of the paper until you have integrated all of your sources. Be sure to practice effective integration of sources as discussed in the course.Step 4Write the conclusion.Following the guidelines from the course, compose your draft’s conclusion.Step 5Write the introduction.Following the guidelines from the course, compose your draft’s introduction.Step 6Reread and check for plagiarism.Step 8Revise and edit your research paper based on the style and formatting of MLA format.Check the page number format in the upper right corner.Check the identification section in the upper left corner of the first page.Check margins and spacing.Check the format of parenthetical in-text citations.Check for block formatting of quotations longer than 4 lines and be sure parenthetical in-text citation appears outside the ending punctuation of the quotation.Check to be sure that quotations have been used exactly as they appeared in the original source unless marked otherwise using ellipses, square brackets, and/or italics.Check the Works Cited page for citation format and for alphabetical order by last name of each source.***If you cannot write about this topic please reach out as the topic can be changed, it just needs to follow the research paper format.You must use reputable sources from peer reviewed journals or trusted government entities. I have attached an optional *rough* outline I created discussing some points worth exploring. It doesn’t have to be used.