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reflective essay on a ‘self-care recovery journey’; based around balance between study and normal life to reduce stress

1 Discuss factors that promote Recovery in diverse cultural and socio-economic populations. 2 Explore the importance of consumer leadership and participation, therapeutic relationships and co-production in the development of Recovery approach. 3 Relate the importance of family and other supports in Recovery planning and service delivery. 4 Review the attributes required by a registered nurse to promote and facilitate Recovery including the need for effective self-care. Recognising areas in their life where they would like to make a positive change and engaging in good self-care are key components of Recovery. The experience of identifying a goal, planning how to achieve it, implementing the plan, and receiving support to achieve the goal will assist you to better understand the experience for people accessing mental health services. Assignment details Written Assessment on a self-care Recovery Journey Summarise your experience planning, implementing, and reviewing a self-directed, self-care plan. This will have two components. A copy of the support plan created. A reflective essay summarising the experience. Word limit 1,500 words (+/- 10%). Additional information The goal of this assessment is to demonstrate your understanding of: Factors that help and/or hinder effective self-care Factors that help and/or hinder effective support The role of plans and strategies in relation to self-care The role of family and other social supports in putting a plan into action Your task is to: 1. Identify a self-care goal using the S.M.A.R.T. goal principles. 2. Identify and recruit people to support you to meet your goal. 3. Collaborate with your support people to develop a support plan. Refer to Part A for more information. 4. Begin the journey of implementing your plan. 5. Regularly review how the plan is going 6. Present a written overview of the process and your overall reflection Part A: Your support plan should identify: o What area of your life you want to work on. o What your goal(s) are. o How you propose to achieve your goal. o Who is in your support network and what role will they play? o Possible challenges you may encounter and strategies to address them. When developing your plan remember you are modelling a Recovery type journey to experience and learn what it might be like for people with a lived experience of mental illness to do this process. In keeping with the principles of Recovery it should focus on and utilise your strengths and while you have a support network this journey is to be self-directed. The plan must also utilise references to support and guide your self-care goal. In text citations to be included in the support plan. References are to be included at the end of the overall assignment. The plan does not have to be presented in an essay format. Remember it is the plan you are going to have throughout so it might be something in a format you would put up on the fridge or other obvious places. The use of pictures, images, and drawings is acceptable. The plan is not graded. It is to be included to provide context for your written essay. Part B: Write a reflective essay that summarises your experience of this process. It should include consideration of the following: o What did it feel like to identify a goal? o What did it feel like to identify a support network? o How did it feel to recruit your support network? o What did it feel like when you started your journey? o How did you feel about the support you received from the support network? o How did your journey progress? o What helped or hindered you along the way and how did you deal with any obstacles? o What did you learn from this experience? o How might your experience be similar or different to those with a lived experience of mental illness? Assignment Requirements The assignment should be presented in one document as one essay. The assignment should include a cover page, the reflective essay, and a reference list, and the support plan attached as an appendix. The assignment should be presented in keeping with APA relevant within the last 5 years requirements: Times New Roman, size 12 font, double line spaced.