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Review the different intelligences listed in the table below (Psychology, OpenStax).

Multiple Intelligences Theory was developed by Howard Gardner, a Harvard psychologist and former student of Erik Erikson. Gardner’s theory, which has been refined for more than 30 years, is a more recent development among theories of intelligence. In Gardner’s theory, each person possesses at least eight intelligences. Among these eight intelligences, a person typically excels in some and falters in others (Gardner, 1983). Review the different intelligences listed in the table below (Psychology, OpenStax).Multiple Intelligences.pngAfter looking over these different types of intelligences, share the following information:Which intelligence type(s) stands out as most prominent in your life?Share an example of how one of your specific intelligences has helped you in some aspect of your life.Does your intelligence type connect to your future career field? How?To gain a better understanding of where your strengths really are, take this assessment (Links to an external site.). Feel free to include your results in your response as well!