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SMC, Incorporated Non-Compliant to the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA)

This paper should be written from an Human Resources Strategic Planning prospective (see attached Course Object). For the purpose of research in collected data on the real company: Computer/Electronic Accommodation Program (CAP) is a Department of Defense program that provides assistive technology and reasonable accommodations to people with disabilities and wounded service members. Problem: Higher headquarters of the CAP are non compliant to some aspects of the American with Disabilities Act (ADA). What Ive found is that some employees of the CAP have disabilities that should be better accommodated, but arent. These employees have noted the following: There is special software that could/should be available by employers to accommodate the hearing impaired and/or blind; however, this is not provided. Another noted issue is that during office town-hall events, the organization is not implementing the use of a sign language interpreter. Furthermore, these employees feel more should be done to accommodate more disabled people beyond the programs current reach. They currently serve companies (and their employees with disabilities) within the National Capital Region (NCR). Bottom line: These individuals do not feel that leadership support the CAP as it should; nor do they truly value the capabilities of all their employees, to include those with disabilities. When writing this paper, the CAP will be replaced with SMC, Incorporated in order to protect the identity of the program and all affiliated organizations. Ensure the paper is APA Format and include the following: introduction, body, conclusion, and Reference List (every citation in the Text must be correctly included in Reference List). There must be at least 6 scholarly references.