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“The Great Evangelical Recession”

Students will read The Great Evangelical Recession and note how this book addresses and impacts evangelistic and disciple-making methodologies for the local church today. Students will then complete a five- seven page book report (not including cover sheet and bibliography) explaining: (1) How the book reflects upon and challenges the contemporary 21st century church with the subject of church evangelistic and disciple-making strategies, (2) What strategies might be developed in light of the information shared for disciple making in the 21st century (3) How the book impacted the student’s thinking regarding evangelism and disciple-making within his/her context. The book information is as follows: Dickerson, John S. The Great Evangelical Recession. Baker, 2013. Need a minimum of 3 other sources to support reading. Sources must be scholarly and no wiki sources, etc. The professor is very fond of the book and the viewpoint need to be that teh book was helpful in evangelism.