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The importance of Marxism

Written discussion questions: (10% of grade/ 100 points). In order to understand theory & theoretical applications, you need to engage with the text. Its okay to be confused about theory, but students need to show that they are working through questions. To encourage close engagement with the text, you are required to submit written questions about the assigned texts from the week at the beginning of class every Wednesday (except where otherwise noted, which is when other assignments are due). These questions ask you to write about the limits of your comprehension, to attempt to sort through potential answers, and to compare new material to concepts you have already learned. This will be helpful in discussion and especially when you have to write reviews of the books. The questions (observations are also acceptable) should be 250-300 words (about one single-spaced typewritten page with normal margins). I expect you to refer directly to the text and to cite the works correctly so you master citation and footnotes. You should pose two questions organized around the following issues: What questions do you have about the reading assignment? The questions may question the authors conclusions, their theoretical or methodological approach, or the authors use or choice of evidence as it relates to theory/methodology. It may also ask for clarification, but not in a facile way (i.e., do not nitpick about facts). As you ask the question, you should also hypothesize about potential answers. How does the reading compare to other material we have read? This section may address similarities or differences in conclusions, in theoretical or methodological approaches, or choice of evidence as it relates to theory/methodology. Again, do not nitpick about facts.