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Theories of personality

Personality texts generally cover from 12 to 18 personality theorists. For this task, you will preview your text. Begin by selecting 12 of the major personality theorists and/or personality theories reviewed in your text. Then, for each theorist or theory that you have identified, address the following in a chart: Discuss the place in time of the theorist or theory (i.e., what was happening in the world at the time the theory was introduced that assists in putting its importance in understanding human behavior in perspective). Summarize the main components of the theory including the main terms utilized and their definitions. If you are discussing a theorist, be sure to name the psychological school/perspective, philosophy, or system in which the text places the theory (e.g., The Cognitive/Interpersonal Viewpoint). Then, conclude with a summary of which personality concepts that you believe are most relevant today.