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Journal Critique of the attached article Your analysis must thoroughly interpret and examine the articles for perspective, validity, and significance of the findings. You should support your discussion with relevant facts, arguments, examples, and details from your review of article; your analysis should be well-reasoned, indicating substantial breadth and depth of thinking. There must be a clearly identified Discussion section in which you describe the practical application to the broader industry of college administration at large. You must identify relevant scriptural principles and perspectives from a biblical worldview, including at least 1 relevant Bible verse Summary of authors position (12 paragraphs); Analysis of author’s premise and the extent to which it is backed up; and Response that specifically addresses your agreement/disagreement with author, and why. Things to consider: 1-The analysis thoroughly interprets and examines the referred journal article for perspective, validity, and significance of the findings. 2-The analysis is thoroughly supported with relevant facts, arguments, examples, and details. Information outside the subject articles is often incorporated into the analysis. 3-The analysis is quite well-reasoned, indicating substantial breath and depth of thinking. The summary of each article is thorough and meaningful. 4-A biblical worldview perspective is clearly articulated and is supported by appropriate Scripture references, course requirements, and application