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What culture(s) did you identify as yours?

* first thing you have to answer each part of question based on country (iran) and write the three page essay
r the first page of this assignment, answer the following questions as they relate to the culture in which you grew up.
What culture(s) did you identify as yours?
Which cultures lived in the community (communities) you grew up?
What historical events shaped your life experiences?
How did these historical events impact you while growing up?
What is most valued in your culture?
In the culture you grew up, what were the valued relationships between generations?
What language was used in the culture you grew up?
What customs and traditions in the culture you grew up?
How were emotions dealt with?
Which were the valued institutions in the culture you grew up?
What were the valued features of marriage?
How was formal education viewed?
How were outsiders (those from other cultures) viewed?
What were the economic conditions of the culture?

For the second page of the assignment, answer several of the questions below. Pick the questions that have the biggest impact for you. A difference may be because you have made significant changes since childhood or because you have held onto something.
What culture(s) do you now identify as yours?
Which cultures live in the community you currently?
When you think back to the historical events that impacted your childhood, how do you see you have been impacted by them? How do they play a part in your daily life as an adult?
What is now most valued by you as an adult?
How do you now value relationships between you and other generations?
What language was used most by you in your daily life now?
What customs and traditions have you continued to practice from your childhood? Which have you abandoned? What is the reason you have held some but not the others?
How do you currently deal with your emotions and how does this way differ or how is this way similar to the way you grew up? What caused you to change or stay the same?
Which are the valued institutions by you currently?
How have life circumstances changed how you view marriage?
How has your pursuit of higher education supported the beliefs that were held by your culture growing up or how have they been challenged?