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What is prevalence of obesity and what are the factors associated with it among teenagers in Malaysia

Post the outline of your study after you get a clear idea from your search and my feedback (See below). Your research outline should be brief but clear, probably around 300 words enough to describe what you intend to do. It should include title of the study, a brief background, aims and objectives and methods (design, participants, setting). Feedback for previous work by faculty member:- Obesity is an important health issue globally and a good topic for research. However, I dont believe your research question What is the impact of the socio-economic conditions on the prevalence of obesity in Malaysia? can be answered by a survey because you cannot do a study at the national level. You need to be more specific, probably by selecting a specific population, age group etc. For example you could do a study on prevalence and factors associated with obesity in pre-school children by doing a survey with their mothers. Recruitment could be done through vaccination units. A similar study could be done among university or high school students through a survey using a self-administered questionnaire. Do not go for school children under 16 as ethics approval will not be easy. Your research question in both cases would be; What is prevalence of obesity and what are the factors associated with it among. Consider these points and draft your research topic outline to post in the research topic outline forum for approval.