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Write a thumbnail sketch of the country using Google Earth, the CIA factbook, provided material as well as other sources as desired.

World Regional Geography
Regional Unit Assignment
This assignment requires that students either address a major theme from the text, create a country profile for a country within the boundaries of the units geographical area, discuss a regional or sub-regional developmental trend based upon Roslings concepts, or present a major tourist attraction as a significant attribute of national and/or regional culture. There are a few specific parameters:
Country Profile
The paper has four sections:
Section 1: Basic Geography
Write a thumbnail sketch of the country using Google Earth, the CIA factbook, provided material as well as other sources as desired. What is the general climate and underlying topography? Are there major rivers and ports connecting the country to the world? What is the countrys capital and population? Is the country urban or rural and what is the population? Are there important geographical realities that should be noted?
Section 2: Country and the Text
How does the selected country compare and contrast to the major themes presented in the text. Is it true to type or does it prove to be an exception? Use data drawn from the provided web sites as well as others. Students should demonstrate that they read the text and can apply it to a specific country.
Section 3: Factfulness Development
Discuss the countrys development from Hans Roslings perspectives. Draw upon materials found on the Gapminder web site, the power points, and other videos. What level is the countrys predominate level and why? How is the country improving? How does Rosling indicate its citizens live?
Section 4: Tourism
Would you like to visit the country? Where would you like to go? Are there significant places that interest you and why? Use the World Heritage List (listed in the web resources file), other web sites, or personal knowledge as starting points.

Text Discussion
Each chapter in the text presents several major themes of political and/or economic development. Chose one and dig deeper into the topic. Why is it important? How do you think that it will change the region? Do you think that there be any unexpected consequences? Do you think it will be beneficial and why?
Students can also dig deeper into current events or contemporary problems that are affecting the region. Examples are international migration and global climate change. Clearly address the topic, use data from the text and other sources, and draw meaningful conclusions.
Roslings Concepts
Pick a few countries within the region and discuss their historic development from the material Rosling presents. I think that students could compare and contrast three or four neighboring countries such as in Scandinavia, northern South America, or Southeast Asia. When did these countries experience rapid rates of development and why? What level of development are they in now and hoe do you think that it will change? Draw on other material as found in the course web sites. The CIA Factbook is always a good place to start as is the country profiles found on the United Nations web site.
Tourism Destinations
The Geography Department has a concentration in tourism and I know that many students are more interested in the cultural aspects of world than the developmental. Therefore, this is a chance to explore world culture through places and practices. The United Nations lists over 1,000 places on the World Heritage List (link in Course Web Sites) and dozens as intangible cultural heritage. These range from solitary sites in the country to the hearts of major cities as well as both exceptionally important natural and cultural sites. These are spread across the globe and their citations have the reasons why they were chosen. In addition, its easy and obvious to find additional information by searching for it specifically or through national (or regional) tourist information services as well as travel-oriented sites such as guide books or travel companies.
Write an essay that ties the specific site to a countrys or regions history, culture, and identity. Why is this place important? Why was it selected to be on the World Heritage List? What does it say about a nation or an ideal or about an important cultural attribute? You could also address its condition, location, popularity, and future. Finally, add whether youd like to go there and why.
Please Note:
The essay must be between five and ten (or so) pages long following the usual textual requirements (double spacing, 12 point type, usual margins, etc.)
Students should use data drawn from the courses provided web sites as well as others selected by the student.
No plagiarism.
There must be proper footnoting and referencing.
There must be a bibliography
The due dates will be specified on the course outline and on the CANVAS site
I intend to give students a chance to write on topics that they will enjoy and find both interesting and meaningful. Instead of telling me what the texts said, Im providing the opportunity for students to conduct research and express themselves. I trust that students will find something to say and say it well.
This assignment will be repeated for every regional unit so that students can develop a research thread throughout the semester. For example, if students are interested in global climate change and/or sustainability, they could examine aspects of these issues around the globe. Likewise, students could research special places or sacred places around the world. It is equally acceptable just to profile favorite countries or mix it up throughout the semester. Finally, I think that if students have traveled and would like to draw upon their experiences, they should do so. It will add to the essay. And, if there are countries or places that you would like to go to, research them because your work will make your travels far more noteworthy and enjoyable.