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Aboriginal Sydney, Australia

Subject description This subject focuses on contemporary Aboriginal Sydney as a means for exploring current and historical ideas about culture, country and community. Within a broadly transformative, social justice framework, the subject aims to foster students’ curiosity about Indigenous ways of knowing and being in Sydney today. Students use online resources as well as interactions with local geography and events to (re)discover Aboriginal Sydney. Students learn to identify ways Indigenous perspectives and knowledges intersect with their particular area of study and potential profession, and begin to develop some skills required to work collaboratively with Indigenous Australians. Throughout the subject, students are encouraged to develop their analytical and critical self-reflection skills. This assessment requires students to map their local community, in order to develop a sense of how Indigenous culture influences the local area. As well, the activity is designed to assist students to see their communities from an Indigenous perspective. A comprehensive profile will include a range of information including traditional custodians of the land, demographics, Indigenous specific services, places of significance, key community members, and services and organisations relevant to students particular discipline area of study and potential profession. 1000 words plus resources, photos, pamphlets and other items of interest. Aims of portfolio: Conduct original individual research Gather, structure and analyse resources obtained from within your local community Practice transferable skills in research Share new knowledge with others