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Should the US Create a Domestic Intelligence Agency?

This week, you are being assessed on your response to the question “Should the US Create a Domestic Intelligence Agency?” First, read the booklet by Brian Jackson. 2009. “Considering the creation of a domestic intelligence agency int he US: Lessons from the Experience of Australia, Canada, France, Germany and the UK.” Available as an e-book through the Regent University Library. You are to submit an analysis which responds to the question above, which should be between 8-10 pages in length, double-spaced. (Approximately 2000-2500 words). In your paper, you need to respond to the following questions: 1. Define Domestic Intelligence Agency 2. Describe (research) the legal framework as it exists in the US right now — WHy do we NOT have a domestic intelligence agency and what would need to change in order to be able to create one? 3. List 3 pro’s and con’s to the creatin of a domestic intelligence agency 4. Give your own opinion and list some lessons you have drawn from the case studies in Jackson’s analysis. Please use APA citation and footnote properly. Do not plagiarize. Please use subject headings for each of the queries listed above.

International heath system

Description of Health Care System Does it include universal coverage or not? Different health care services offered How is the system set up? What roles do nurses and advanced practice nurses play in the system? Is the system based on a preventative care model? Provide a detailed description of the health care system. Costs of Health Care System How is the healthcare system paid for? What is the responsibility of the individual, state, local, and government? How do patients without insurance or ability to pay access health care? Are there differences in coverage based on an income? Is there a private system, public system, or combination of both? Outcomes/Satisfaction of the health care system (minimum three references) Describe the positive and negative aspects of this health care system as documented in the literature. What are the strengths and weaknesses of this system? Are the residents of this country satisfied with this system? Differences with US Healthcare System Describe how this healthcare system is different than the US healthcare Compare and contrast the health care system you have chosen with the US health care system. Identify the pros and cons of each system as well as similarities and differences.

Olympics and politics

As television as a medium for information and news grew, so did its use as a format for political protest, especially at the Olympic games as they began to be broadcast live from wherever in the world they happen to be played. Two specific instances of protests during Olympic games were broadcast as they occurred, causing controversy and, in one case, terror. The 1968 Olympics were used as a platform for Black Power and the 1972 Olympics were used as a platform for Black September. You should start with the textbook for background information and an understanding of the atmosphere during both protests. (Ill send the photos )

Culture and Diversity in Counseling

Read Chapter 14-16 in Counseling Across Cultures Assignment 5 Due Week 5 Your assignment must illustrate knowledge of the concepts through an original personal and/or professional integration of the text material. All assignments MUST be typed, double-spaced, in APA style, and must be written at graduate level English. You must integrate the material presented in the text. In addition to the text, you are required to use a minimum of three (3), current, evidence-based research articles to complete this assignment. Use articles from the university Virtual Library as well as online or hard copy research on counseling cultural and diverse populations. Your responses must reflect your own understanding of the text material and research in direct and specific context to each case study. Cite your work according to APA format. Legal and ethical issues must be addressed when relevant. Your responses should be 1-2 page per case. The entire assignment should be 4-6 pages total plus a title and reference page. Case Study of Nikki located in Chapter 10 How might you create space for Nikki to explore her gender identity and expressions? Case Study of Sean located in Chapter 11 How do you think the therapists choice to report affected the clients marginalization and other issues for which he sought help in counseling? How do you think the client might have been affected if the counselor had not reported? Case Study of Eduardo located in Chapter 13 What are some of the important intersectional issues (in terms of gender, sexuality, and ethnocultural background) at play for Eduardo? What are some of the important intersectional issues at play for Laura? Case Study of Ling and Mohammed Chapter 14 Given the information on Ling provided in this chapter, as Lings therapist, how would you attempt to strengthen the working alliance by helping her to surface some of her culture teachers (Pedersen et al., 2008) and their influences on her decisions and experiences? PRIMARY RESOURCES: These resources are required to complete the course. Book Pederson, P. B., Lonner, W. J., Draguns, J. G., Trimble, J. E. & Scharron-delRio, M. R. (2016). Counseling Across Cultures. (7th ed.). Thousand Oaks, CA SAGE Publications. 9781452217529 You may purchase books at eCampus. ADDITIONAL RESOURCES: These resources must be used to complete the assignments. Website Multicultural and Social Justice Counseling Competencies: Practical applications in counseling. You may add any other reference used for the 3 recent supporting Researches that the mentor request.

Aboriginal Sydney, Australia

Subject description This subject focuses on contemporary Aboriginal Sydney as a means for exploring current and historical ideas about culture, country and community. Within a broadly transformative, social justice framework, the subject aims to foster students’ curiosity about Indigenous ways of knowing and being in Sydney today. Students use online resources as well as interactions with local geography and events to (re)discover Aboriginal Sydney. Students learn to identify ways Indigenous perspectives and knowledges intersect with their particular area of study and potential profession, and begin to develop some skills required to work collaboratively with Indigenous Australians. Throughout the subject, students are encouraged to develop their analytical and critical self-reflection skills. This assessment requires students to map their local community, in order to develop a sense of how Indigenous culture influences the local area. As well, the activity is designed to assist students to see their communities from an Indigenous perspective. A comprehensive profile will include a range of information including traditional custodians of the land, demographics, Indigenous specific services, places of significance, key community members, and services and organisations relevant to students particular discipline area of study and potential profession. 1000 words plus resources, photos, pamphlets and other items of interest. Aims of portfolio: Conduct original individual research Gather, structure and analyse resources obtained from within your local community Practice transferable skills in research Share new knowledge with others

What is the research question or empirical puzzle?

For the paper do a summary that answers the following questions: 1.Research Question: What is the research question or empirical puzzle? 2. Argument: What is their theory? What hypotheses are they testing? What is the main argument of the paper? 3. Methods: What are their methods? What assumptions do they make? 4. Limitations: Were the methods? Did they miss something? 5. Conclusions?

Identify major strengths and weaknesses in relation to the goals of the author.

Write a book review on the book: Ideology and US Foreign Policy, 2nd Edition, 2009 by Michael Hunt ISBN 9780300139259 Please include the following: Introduction – The review should identify main themes and the author’s thesis Summary – Please be concise and provide a summary of the main arguments and address the goal of the author. THIS SHOULD BE A SMALL PORTION OF THE ASSIGNMENT About the author – Please offer some basic biographical information about the author and outline his qualifications. ALSO VERY SHORT Analysis – This should be the core part of the paper where you provide a thorough analysis and assessment of the research methods, arguments, points, and documentary evidence used by the author in addressing themes in the book. THIS IS THE CORE ELEMENT OF THE ASSIGNMENT Strengths/Weaknesses: Identify major strengths and weaknesses in relation to the goals of the author. ALSO CORE ELEMENT Conclusion: The review should end with a conclusion summarizing insights on the book and general assessment.

Combatting Cyber Crime with Technology

With the growing number of cyber-crimes, law enforcement must maintain current knowledge of technology. Locate an article or a case regarding a cyber-crime. Address the following: Briefly summarize the article or case in one paragraph. What technology did law enforcement use to combat the crime?

fact patterns criminal justice

each fact pattern is a hypothetical situation , I will provide you with a few samples so you know how to conduct the pattern its basically like a memo or case brief for each hypothetical situation. each part needs to be on a separate page do not combine. THANK YOU! see details in materials fact pattern 6 – one page face pattern 7 – one page Submit Your memo regarding the outline and structure of a Joint LEO investigation.- one page. ( reading can be found doj page 2 ) the outcome for the fact pattern 7 and memo leo investigation is : Using the provided hypothetical investigative event prepare a memorandum for staff describing the outline and structure of a joint investigation with LEOs and the private sector. fact pattern 8 – one page investigation roll up- How would you roll up the investigation? Submit your memo here. this is for all the fact patterns to wrap it up with recommendations – on

Relationship Between Human Creative Expression and Culture,

Open the worksheet attached. You are to locate and review the article Making Asian American Women Visible: The Joy Luck Club and complete the second table using information provided in this activity. In the first column, identify an example from the article demonstrating how Tan’s novel reflects the experience of a particular ethnic group. Then, in the second column, find an example in the article that appears to be part of universal human experience and not limited to Chinese American culture. Based on the description in the article, what influence might Tan’s novel, and similar artifacts, have on broader American culture? Can you think of another artifact that has had a similar impact?