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Accounting Information Systems

Accounting Information Systems Your supervisor met with Red and discussed his requirements in detail. At that meeting, they agreed on the following first- stage deliverables. Document process activity using BPMN. After gaining an understanding of Reds business processes from the interviews with employees, you will document current marketing and sales processes using business process modeling notation (BPMN). This involves documenting the current business processes: Retail sales. These diagrams will serve multiple purposes. Red expects to use them to train new employees. Plus, they will provide information about potential improvements to those processes by the efficient use of information technology. Additionally, they will also highlight areas where Mr. Z is exposed to unnecessary risks in his business. Prepare a data model using UML class diagrams and the REA framework for each of the processes above. This data model will serve as the blueprint for Zs prototype database that your companys database experts will develop in a later stage of the project. BPMN and the matching UML class diagram for Retail sales.