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Appraise the Merits of Using the Qualitative Method

Continue with the CITI training. This weeks readings and activities were introspective: you had to evaluate how your choice of a degree path and your worldview will affect your research. Now you will appraise the merits of qualitative research designs. Begin your paper with an overview of the value of qualitative research (1-2 cited paragraphs). Be sure to make the connection between the research problem and the qualitative approach. Determine if there is the potential to employ a mixed methods approach (1-2 cited paragraphs). Explain how your degree path informs your research approach (1-2 cited paragraphs). Based on your discovery of your worldview, share your thoughts about how this will affect your research (1-2 cited paragraphs). Justify and construct a theoretical or conceptual framework for the research problem; this section must be clearly written to ensure that the reader is seeing the proposed research through your framework.