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capital punishment

This is a thesis: CapstoneRevise the current paper in the file must there are notes that have been made by the professor. Rearrange where needed to meet the requirement. add 40 more pages to the current paper in documents. APA 6th edition. must be written in an academic tone. the grade is determined on how well you support your topic with material that you are researchingLiterature review: must be 30 pages Peer reviewed research articles are those that appear in criminal justice or public policy related journal articles that have passed a rigorous review process to validate the research contained in the article. The review process for these journals involves forwarding the research study to several researchers associated with the journal and these researchers review the study for reliability and validity, bias, proper research policies and procedures, ethical treatment of research subjects, ethical practices of the researchers, etc. If all of these and other criteria are met, the study can then be published in that journal. This is where if you see what is described above, the article has been peer reviewed. This process is what sets peer reviewed articles apart from those found in magazines, agency publications, books, etc.On occasion a government document may be included in this section if, and only if, it is the premier publication on the topic.need to have an abstact and title page and outine