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Childhood Obesity and how does TV, video games and computers effect it.

Purpose — To articulate in detail the benefits and drawbacks of each resource you have selected to use for topic of how does TV, video games and computers effects childhood obesity. Selections — Your selections should have quite a bit of variety. One must be an academic journal article. Another should be an audio and/or visual article. Some audio examples can be found on (Links to an external site.). Audio/video examples can also be found on websites such as TED (Links to an external site.), Scientific American (Links to an external site.), and WIRED (Links to an external site.). The third should be an article for the public, that you could find on magazine sites such as The Atlantic (Links to an external site.), Huffington Post (Links to an external site.), IFLScience (Links to an external site.), Buzzfeed (Links to an external site.), Popular Science (Links to an external site.), etc. For this exercise, it is OK to use a source that has questionable credibility because your purpose is to explain to the audience why the credibly may be questionable. Format and Setup — APA General Format: 8.5 x 11-inch paper, Times New Roman font, 1-inch margins all around. Title page with “running head” and centered title information. References page at the end. Below you will find tutorials on how to set up your document. Failure to follow the correct format will cost you ten points. The body of the paper: Please follow this exact format! First paragraph: introduce your topic to your audience First and second page (approximate): define and explain each of the three items you chose for genre analysis. Write a summary paragraph for each of your sources that tells the audience what the source says: Summaries are brief and only point out the most important details. Write an analysis paragraph for each of your sources that tells the audience what the source does or doesn’t do. Here are some of the questions you can answer about your sources in this paragraph: What audience is each item designed for? A specific discourse community? Scientists in general? General public? What age group, gender, financial status, ethnicity, educational background? How detailed and specific is the source? How much of the article relies on ethos (ethics, credibility)? How much of the article appeals to pathos (emotion)? How much of the article appeals to logos (logic, reason, facts)? What kind of language is used in descriptions? Formal academic and highly technical or loaded with jargon from a specific discourse community? Casual/conversational/snarky or irreverent? Something else? How effective is each source at getting its point across? What are the strong points of the article? What are the weak points of the article? Did you learn something? If so, what did you learn? Third page (approximate): Conclusions What is one major similarity for each of the sources? What is one differences for each of the three sources? Do the differences make one source less informative than the others? Why or why not? Is the language of a specific discourse community used? How is it used? Could more than one audience understand these sources? For example, if one of your sources is a scientific article, could a member of the general public understand it without knowing any of a specific discourse community’s language? Yes or no? Why? Final paragraph of the third page: Discuss your experience of doing this assignment. What did you learn about your own discourse community, versus the general public, from doing genre analysis? What did you learn in terms of conducting research, by doing this analysis? What did you find surprising, versus what you already understood about each of these items and their genres? Did you find something useful for your end of semester literature review/research project? Why or why not? What advice would you give to a colleague in your discourse community, with regard to picking the right genre for the right audience? What questions or comments do you still have about genre analysis? Last page: references — please provide a reference for each source you examined in your genre analysis. Please see this page (Links to an external site.) for information on how to design a reference page for an APA paper. You should have only three references since you reviewed three articles. Please use APA format