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Comparison of Behavioral Models for Change in Community Population

This is a graded discussion: 100 points possible due Sep 21 Discussion 6.1: Comparison of Behavioral Models for Change in Community or Population 11 unread reply.11 reply. Comparison of Models for Behavior Change in Community or Population Health Settings PROMPT How do population healthcare professionals integrate theoretical models of behavior change into a health education program or community interventions? Which model or model are you considering for your final population health education or intervention project? Instructions: Refer to the KUCTB, chapter 45 for resources on supporting and maintaining behavior health change. This is a valuable resource that I encourage you to continue to use, explore and share with your colleagues. Through the Module Six readings and videos, you learned about three models for behavior change. Briefly review those and select two models for analysis and comparison. Inform your classmates as to which model for change you selected for your final intervention proposal. Include two major strengths of each model and provide an example of a successful project based on each model. Mention any limitations or weaknesses Your limit for this discussion board assignment is up to 500 words.