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comprehensive overview of terrorist activity in Mexico

Select a country -MEXICO Report on various aspects of that country (Mexico) , including history, geography, economics, political and demographic factors (paint a picture; no more than two pages should be devoted to this) Identify at least three terrorist/extremist groups in that country and state their main goals Select one of the identified groups, justify your choice, and summarize their: Ideology History Organizational structure/leadership Membership Historical terror incidents Funding Assess how the selected group is or may be a threat to the U.S. Describe preventive steps and counter-measures that the U.S. could use in connection with the threat of the group The format for the paper: Cover sheet including title of paper (not title of course), your name, the date submitted, the course number and name. An executive summary (not more than one page) An introduction including why you selected the particular country and the methodology that you followed in conducting your research (not more than one page) Items one through six from above, presented in a third-person narrative style, 90 percent free of typographical and grammatical errors. The writing should be logically organized and not repetitious. Each question in the assignment should be answered fully. Opinions should be given, when requested, and should be labeled as same. A map may be appropriate; tables, charts and graphics can be instructive and should be used where necessary. A summary and conclusion References cited. NOTE: no less than 10 references should be used.