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Describe current conditions, fluctuations, and trends of the Big 3 macroeconomic indicators.

Perform a macroeconomic forecast to the best of your ability with support from information currently in the news. Find five to eight (5-8) worthwhile articles about it from either newspapers or news (including business) magazines, credible blogs, research institute reports, government reports, or peer-reviewed articles. You may substitute appropriate websitesbut you want to be very careful of bias and reliability of information.

Write an essay that is less than 1050 words in textual material. Title page, reference list page, and appendices with exhibits do not count toward the 1050 word maximum. Students should follow the APA Style Manual; the goal of APA and other style guides is to craft your essay such that the reader is not distracted from your ideas and facts.

This short essay will outline and explore a forecast of the U.S. economy. It should demonstrate your mastery of the course material by your explanation of numerous topics and issues. This may include among other things:
A forecast of the U.S. economy or the global economy
1. Describe current conditions, fluctuations, and trends of the Big 3 macroeconomic indicators.
2. Think about how one or the other of the four components of GDP (consumption spending, investment spending, government spending, and next export spending) are trending and why.
3. Think about other indicators that seem to help predict trends in important macroeconomic variables.
A prediction of likely U.S. federal government and Federal Reserve policy actions.
1. Think about what policymakers are likely to dofrom theory or from news reports.
2. Think about what they should do; make a recommendation of U.S. government policy actions.
An analysis of the likely outcomes of various trends identified with some special attention to U.S. government or Federal Reserve policy actions.
If you are ambitious, describe the implications of this forecast for a particular business or industry.
Your forecast should use the key concepts and terminology of macroeconomics within your presentation. You should rely heavily on textbook definitions, explanations, and analysesbut always remember application rather than repetition is important. You should use graphical or tabular displays of data with commentary.