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Describe the expected outcomes for medication management, including expectations for follow up care.

Please see assignment below: Medical Condition :Otitis MediaPresent a fictional patient with the Otitis Media to address all of the following:Subjective data from the patient’s history includes ALL of the following:History of Present Illness (HPI)Previous Medical HistoryMedication AllergiesObjective data from the patient includes:Vital SignsPhysical exam findingsRelevant labs or test results are included (IF pertinent to the medication management of the assigned condition)A brief pathophysiology statement of the condition is presented; ANDCommon signs and symptoms of the condition are discussed (include relevant labs or tests if applicable); ANDPotential barriers related to cultural or socioeconomic diversity and/or healthcare literacy are discussed; ANDAt least 1 viable solution to overcoming these barriers are presentedAn evidence-based medication plan is presented and includes ALL of the following:A detailed description of first line prescribed medications recommended for the conditionA detailed description of the second line medication that would be prescribed IF the patient had an allergy to 1st line treatmentMedication details include ALL of the following:Trade and generic names for each medicationTypical dose for each medicationMechanism of action for each medication presented; ANDFor each medication, the following is included:Adverse effectsMajor contraindications for useMajor drug-drug interactionsAt least 1 common alternative therapy for treatment of the disease is discussedThe optimal outcome for treatment with the suggested medication is statedExpectations for patient follow-up related to the medication plan is discussedDescribe the most commonly prescribed drugs for the assigned condition.Provide evidence by sharing clinical guidelines, research articles, or other scholarly materials to support your findings.Identify barriers to practice or issues related to the condition and the use of pharmacologic treatment, including potential issues related to cultural diversity and healthcare literacy.Describe the expected outcomes for medication management, including expectations for follow up care.