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Discrimination in Criminal Law

How can it be argued that, since Reconstruction, the criminal law has been defined and used against racial or ethnic minorities, particularly with respect to narcotics offenses? Do you agree or disagree with this perspective? Why? You should address these questions in a paper of approximately 2,400 words, relying primarily on the readings and other materials assigned in this module; you will not receive credit without demonstrating that you have read and understood the material assigned. You may include independent sources. All information should be documented in MLA styleopens in a new window. Note: Majority of essay from these materials/ MLA style/ Citations Gabbidon and Greene, Chapters 1 and 2 Alexander: Introduction; Chapter 1: pp. 72-89 of Chapter 2; pp. 97-109 of Chapter 3 Book Review Unequal under law: Race on the war on drugs Commentary: Crack and the Criminal Justice System Video – Race and Crime